Special Modified Valves

At DP, we can supply all type of valves from reputed manufacturers in stock basis, else, we shall do the different types of modification as described below and we can able to provide shorter lead time to complete your project on time.

Modification carried out:-

  • Trim Changes –304SS, 316SS, Monel, Alloy 20, Hast C, Stellite, Bronze, and others
  • End Connection Changes –ButtweldEnd Schedule Changes, RTJ, Weld on Flanges
  • Gear Installation –Bevel and Worm
  • Drain Connections and Bypass Installation
  • Packing and Gasket Changes
  • Pressure Testing
  • Extended Bonnets/Cryogenic Columns
  • Bolting Changes
  • Cleaning for Oxygen and Chlorine Service
  • NDE Inspection –RT, DPT, MT & UT
  • Soft Inserts in Discs or Seats
  • Ball Valve Extensions for Buried Service
  • Coating for Buried and Offshore Service

Special Valves:-

  1. Jacketed valves
  2. Cryogenic valves
  3. Spring return valves
  4. Bellow seal Valves
  5. Extended body/bonnet valve.

Any Special & Exotic materials on request